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Intercultural communication - handbook of business manners
This country handbook of manners was developed at the suggestion of clients for whom I work in transLinguworld in the areas of translation and marketing. They asked me about the cultural customs and characteristics of different countries. For there are more then enough sand traps you have to avoid when staying in foreign lands. Different countries - different customs. With acceptance, tolerance, openness and empathy, many situations in your "unknown" land will change into successful encounters.

Every country has something very special to offer.

Experience your vacation destination with all of your senses and keep in mind: You came to this country as a guest and you are also always an ambassador of your own country.
Collect information about your travel destination before you travel. There are many good guides describing the individual regions in detail, writing about history, geography, flora, fauna, manners and customs, etc.

This handbook only describes the most important rules of behaviour and does not claim to be complete.

We offer information and courses dealing with a wide variety of countries. There is also the possibility to book a course in the Arabic language, for guests that are unfamiliar with the German language (and culture).

Through my work at transLinguworld, and also through various professional experiences (eg. management assistant for marketing, travel agent, foreign language correspondence clerk for the English language, Yoga teacher, terminal care provider), I came into contact with and talked extensively with people from the most varied countries. Since I mainly employ native speakers, I experience their culture as an insider. But also during events, seminars, fairs etc. the spark of culture always strikes and fascinates me again and again. Thus, in the course of time a guideline developed, which is updated again and again. Through a four-year stay in South America, my travels to Egypt, Bali, the Dominican Republic, India, Indonesia, Turkey and the European countries, just to name a few, I was able to experience those cultures and their characteristics.

I wish you a lot of joy and success, for every journey is a win!

Sincerely yours
Barbara Kauch


You are interested in a seminar? Please contact me and choose a date for a daytime seminar. The countries covered will be selected based on the participants’ input. You may choose from different dates and venues.