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You are abroad - job-related or privately - and you want to avoid the many sandtraps? Through advanced preparation, many misunderstandings and a lot of frustration can be avoided.

Different countries - different customs

Learn about the most important habits in the country you visit. With acceptance, tolerance, openness and empathy you will change many situations in this "foreign" country into successful encounters. Every country has something special to offer. Experience your vacation destination with all senses and keep in mind: You came to this country as a guest and you are also always an ambassador of your own country.

To those who travel:
I would be glad to receive feedback from you after your return. I wish you a lot of success and joy in your endeavours – job–related or private - because every journey is a win.

We offer information and courses about a wide variety of countries. There is also the possibility to book a course in the Arabic language, for guests that are unfamiliar with the German language (and culture).

Sincerely yours
Barbara Kauch